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Pick The Best cosmetic Surgeon in San Diego

How To Pick The Renowned Plastic Surgeon In San Diego

February 27 2015 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #Best plastic surgeon, #Plastic surgeon San Diego, #Cosmetic surgery San Diego, #plastic surgeon

There are many San Diego plastic surgeons. A group may excel in cosmetic work while the others specialize in reconstructive work. From so many doctors to choose from, what it all boils down to is finding a surgeon who is skilled and has a great rapport with their patients.

In plastic surgery, it’s imperative to have a good relationship with a surgeon because the process truly is a journey. Consultations, preoperative appointments and numerous postoperative visits will ensue. This is why it’s important to have a candid and solid connection.

The first step in finding the best plastic surgeon in San Diego is making certain they are board certified either by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). A board certification ensures that a surgeon has undergone a rigorous medical protocol.  Part of this is the following:

  • Following an accredited medical school graduation, a surgeon has completed a total of six years of training
  • Following training, a surgeon must commit and complete at least three years of residency in the field of plastic surgery
  • Complete and pass all exams
  • Adheres to the Codes of Ethics and seeks continuing education
  • Performs all surgical procedures in a state licensed or accredited facility

Every year The San Diego Magazine publishes a special issue called, “Top Doctor.” Doctors listed in this issue are voted by their peers from the San Diego Medical Society. This list includes physicians in every field of medicine, including plastic surgery.

Another way to find the Cosmetic Surgery In San Diego is researching regarded organizations which churn out their list by region and nation such as The Castle Connolly Top Doctor List following a comprehensive screening.

The research at Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. is led by a team of physicians who inquire about candidates with fellow specialists, clinical department heads and more. The goal is to glean information on the best doctors for procedures and disease.

When researching organizations like this when finding a top doctor, make certain that doctors cannot pay to be in listings. One wants to find authentic organizations in their research.

A plastic surgeon in good standing will also be a member of regarded affiliations such as:

  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • San Diego Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • San Diego County Medical Association
  • California Society of Plastic Surgeons

And more….

Like other parts of the nation, the same holds true in San Diego where doctors are voted by their peers to serve a term as the Chief of Plastic Surgery in a hospital. When a board certified surgeon serves a term such as this, it underscores their esteem, their dedication in the field, as well their passion for what they do.

Locating published works is also another item to look into.

Lastly, online reviews from former patients are another area of great importance.  In many respects, this is indeed research but please don’t let it be a substitute for all the other necessary things which must be on a checklist when finding the best plastic surgeon in San Diego.

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