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Pick The Best cosmetic Surgeon in San Diego

Determining The Right Breast Implants

April 28 2015 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #breast implants, #Plastic surgeon, #Breast reduction

Like any other metropolitan city, breast augmentation procedures are highly sought after in San Diego. Its board certified plastic surgeons are considered the best in these surgeries.

In this coastal town, plastic surgeon San Diego advise their patients in San Diego which breast implants and what types are best for their body type.

Before learning about the different considerations regarding breast implants, it’s important to understand breast augmentation surgery.  The goal of this surgery is to increase or restore breast volume. Some patients undergo breast augmentation in their twenties to increase their size, while others look to breast augmentation following the birth of a child and breastfeeding.

This surgery increases breast fullness, volume and enhances projection. 

Many women who undergo this procedure also comment on how it improves their body’s proportions. It helps balance their physique.

What breast augmentation does not do, however, is correct breasts which have sagged significantly due to weight loss or after having children. While some women may be immune to gravity after bearing children, others may find that a breast lift is better suited to their aesthetic needs.

A breast lift can also be used with or without implants. 

Breast implants can either be filled with saline or silicone. Doctors measure the size of an implant using a term called “cubic centimeters.” As one may have already guessed, the higher the cubic centimeters, the larger the implants will be.

When a woman tells her potential plastic surgeon she would like to “go up” a bra size, in cubic centimeters this generally comes down to a formula of between 150 to 200 cubic centimeters.

The best plastic surgeons will tell patients that the right implant size is determined by the breast width. This must always be considered.

Another important point to always be discussed during a consultation is a woman’s lifestyle. If she is actively involved in sports and athletics, large implants may not work well for her. And if her frame is smaller, larger implants will not be proportionate.   

Breast Augmentation Overview

Large and oversized implants may also cause certain risks which need to be discussed.  They can include the following:

  • The thinning of tissues, muscles and fat from the natural breast
  • Atrophy caused by weight and pressure of the implants
  • Bottoming out and stretch marks
  • Rippling and ridges from the large implant

And more….

In cases mentioned above, surgery to remove the implant and replace it with a smaller size may be required.

While manufacturers continue to improve and finesse San Diego breast implants, there are generally three different types commonly referred to as the following:

  • Moderate-profile:  These implants which offer nominal projection
  • Moderate-profile Plus: These implants offer more projection than solely moderate-profile and benefit women who have narrow and slim chests
  • High-profile:  These implants offer optimal projection and promote lift and cleavage

There are many implant variations to choose from. A plastic surgeon will be able to assess a patient’s physique with the right implant size. While some women want a great deal of cleavage and fullness, others may want a more discreet and natural looking appearance.

It’s all a matter of personal taste and aesthetic wishes.

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