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Revitalize Your Physic with Perfect Breast Implants

October 13 2015 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #plastic surgeon, #breast implants

Imagine feeling self-conscious about your body every day of your life. None of your clothing fits properly, and standing straight and tall is never an option. For many women around the world, this is a daily concern, as they suffer from breast asymmetry.

This is not simply a few centimeters’ difference between the breast sizes. For some women, the asymmetry is significant enough that bras never fit, and a clearly visible difference in size and shape of the breasts is noted.

While there are some bras that are meant to correct this issue, there are medical procedures available to women for a permanent correction. If this is an alternative that a woman is interested in, then she can talk with a board certified plastic surgeon to see what techniques can be used to give her a perfect balance in figure.

In order to find the right plastic surgeon to perform the surgery, a potential patient should look for surgeons who specialize in breast implants and augmentations. This will allow for the patient to ask as many questions as she pleases about potential risks and benefits, while knowing that the doctor has had significant experience in the realm of breast enhancement.

No detail should be left to chance. Important topic points to discuss should go beyond the mere breast enhancement or surgery; it should also include recovery steps and procedures. For instance, the doctor should be very clear about daily activity restrictions that could be imposed, in addition to how to use a post-surgical bra for recovery.

A consultation is also the perfect time to ask about what the surgery will feel like, what to expect from recovery, and how her breasts will look after they have completely healed. Fine details, such as where incisions would be made during the breast symmetry surgery, what type and size of implants to be used, and what pain medication will be prescribed, should be discussed during the consultation so the patient feels like she fully understands what could happen to her body during the surgery.

Traditionally, breast symmetry surgery requires the plastic surgeon to make an incision in the lower breast, near the bottom size of the areola. Once the incision has been made, the doctor can place the implant, or can also shift the breast tissue so that it is symmetrical.For some women, only one breast implant would be placed during the surgery, while the other natural breast is simply lifted in order to have the same shape. For others, their San Diego plastic surgeon may suggest that she have implants placed in both breasts so that her figure best fits her body type.

Once her breasts have healed, a woman should be able to feel confident in her clothes, and not feel the self-awareness that might have plagued her for years beforehand. By working with a plastic surgeon who understands her concerns and fears, a woman who has asymmetrical breasts can feel safe in her decision to have asymmetrical breast surgery. The doctor should make the patient feel comfortable with every part of the surgery process because he or she facilitated an open discussion about the patient’s wants, needs and expectations.

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