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How to Eliminate Breast Pain during Exercising

November 19 2015 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #Breast reduction San Diego, #Plastic surgery San Diego

While some women might cringe at the idea of working out, it might not be because they hate going to the gym – a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has stated that breast pain is an issue for more one-third marathon runners. That equates to over 30 percent of women suffering from breast pain.


According to the research, women with larger breast sizes are more likely to have pain size during exercise. Only 25 percent of women with smaller breasts reported breast pain, but 50 percent of those with large breasts – like those with F cups – were plagued with pain. Because of their larger breasts, women found that they were unable to perform anything but the lightest of exercise. This does not make it easy for large breasted women to become fit or healthy.


Weight lifting, running, and even aerobic exercise are not options for these women, as they feel the pain set in almost immediately. Afterward, the weight of their breasts leaves an ache in their shoulders because of the straps that have worked to keep the breasts in place, and their back may hurt from the constant pull.


Even traditional sports bras do not help with the aches and pain that come to large-breasted women during workouts. As a matter of fact, most large-chested women are used to buying supportive bras to help them get through the day, not just while working out. If they do not, it is likely that pain in the back and neck will begin, migraines are prone, and even shortness of breath may occur.


For some women, something as slight as picking up their children even becomes a problem because of their breasts. Some women may try non-surgical alternatives for breast reduction in San Diego, like physical therapy, weight loss, posture changes and even medicine, but doctors have found that for some one way to eliminate pain is with San Diego breast reduction surgery.


While some women might be concerned about scarring or regret after having a board certified San Diego plastic surgeon perform breast reduction surgery, the majority of women who choose to undergo the procedure are happy with their choice. They immediately notice the difference in pain levels and overall discomfort.


This procedure is an added benefit for so many women for their daily wellness.  


The procedure, if performed by a reputable board certified plastic surgeon, is not going to require significant recovery time. Patients are able to return to work in about a week’s time, and before they know it, they are able to exercise without pain. Of course, one must follow the recovery guidelines their plastic surgeon gives them.


Talk to a plastic surgeon across San Diego about options is something that a woman who has pain because of overly large breasts is extremely important. Once a woman has found the ideal doctor, she should schedule an appointment to talk about options, concerns and alternatives for breast pain. This can transform a woman’s life – she will be able to actively enjoy her life, without watching the world pass her by because of her body.

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