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Pre-Surgical Questions before Opting For Breast Augmentation

December 28 2015 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #Plastic surgery San Diego, #facelift San Diego, #Breast lift, #breast augmentation

There are many reasons for a woman to consider a breast augmentation – perhaps she feels that her breasts have lost their volume and shape because she had a family, or perhaps she has always felt that they were not the right size for her body type. Regardless to why she is considering a breast augmentation, a woman has a lot of research to do in order to find the ideal plastic surgeon to offer her the best options.

It’s exciting for women to see the end results of the surgery – they can instantly see their body transformed. In order to have the perfect results from a plastic surgery, it is important to make sure to have a frank discussion about expectations and procedures with the plastic surgeon in question.

And remember to only seek a surgeon who is board certified in plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons in San Diego, will discuss the right type of surgery available, and will help a possible patient decide which surgery would be best for her, her body type, and her end goal. For example, the choice a woman who wants to have an increased bust will have a very different surgery from a woman who simply wants to lift her breasts after having children. In addition, surgery recovery times will be different. With the help of the plastic surgeon, the recovery time for the breast surgery will be short, as painless as possible, and relatively stress free.

Each patient should have a set of instructions about pre-operative care, and will be given medication to help with pain after the surgery. Any directions given by the doctor must be followed exactly, as this will prevent any possible infection or injury that could come after the procedure. It is important to remember that a patient will need support, starting with the drive home. Someone will need to pick her up and take her home to be comfortable as a start to recovery. If family or friends are not available, there are nurses that work with plastic surgeon offices to offer comfort and care.

Because a breast augmentation is still a medical procedure, it is important to know that the patient will need to rest and take care of herself as she heals.  Even if the surgery is a minor one, there will be some soreness, swelling, bruising and sensitivity. This means that she will need to set some time apart to keep from heavy lifting, going to the gym, and caring for children. In addition, the patient will more than likely have to wear a postsurgical bra to help with healing for approximately two weeks. Again, time wearing the bra will differ based on the different person’s needs and surgery.

Once the recovery begins, the patient will feel great about the way her body looks. It’s important to be careful as the body heals itself, but it may be difficult because of the great feeling that comes with knowing that the body will look its best within a few weeks.

Pre-Surgical Questions before Opting For Breast Augmentation

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