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How Breast Reduction Surgery Brings Relief

May 25 2016 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #breast implants, #Breast reduction San Diego, #plastic surgeon, #facelift San Diego, #Health

Women who have naturally large breasts may find that they are not fond of their size due to the health and lifestyle challenges that they face on a daily basis. For those in this situation, they may have considered breast reduction surgery as a way to alleviate any of these discomforts.

While finding clothing that fits appropriately may be an ongoing challenge, there are certainly other issues that women may find quite disheartening to deal with. For those living in Southern California, potential patients may very well look into breast reduction surgery San Diego.

There are other physical trials women may encounter with a large bust which include the following:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Rash

And more….

The reason for a skin issues such as a rash arise from the fact that the underside portion of the breast may become irritated. The shoulder pain mentioned above can be caused from bra straps which may have the tendency to dig into this area due to the heavy weight of the bra.

Also known as a reduction mammoplasty, it is suggested that patients have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that is well versed in this surgery. The consultation will afford potential patients with the opportunity to learn more about the surgery and recovery process as well as about the surgeon.

It’s important to note that a consultation provides the time a woman needs to ask any questions she has regarding this important surgical decision.

During the consultation, the doctor will review a patient’s medical background while determining if she is the right candidate for the procedure. Items on this important checklist include:

  • The patient has realistic expectations and goals.
  • The patient is living a healthy lifestyle.
  • The patient does not have any medical issues which would hinder the surgery and/or recovery.
  • The patient is a non-smoker.

And more….

It’s also important to note that generally a doctor will like to ensure that a patient is at a healthy and reasonable weight before proceeding. And if one has lost weight, that they have been able to maintain it for a period of time as a fluctuation in weight may affect breast volume. 

Age is also another consideration. For those in their younger years, such as teenage years, they may want to wait until they have completely developed before addressing the idea of a breast reduction. However, understanding that this surgery is a personal decision, inquiring with a certified plastic surgeon is of the utmost importance.

Another consideration is for women who are in their reproductive years and building their family. While some women may want a reduction during the midst of building their family, others may opt to wait for the surgery after they have had their last child. For those who choose to have their reduction during the stage of having their family, they may indeed need to have a revision surgery since they have undergone breast volume changes, including breast feeding.

Whatever stage of life a woman is in breast reduction surgery can bring physical relief.

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