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Topics to Think About Before Breast Augmentation

January 25 2017 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #Breast reduction, #Breast reduction San Diego, #San Diego breast augmentation, #San Diego breast implants

There are certain things that are perfectly acceptable to be impulsive about -- buying a beautiful purse, going to dinner with friends instead of dining in, or buying yourself a gift after a long and hectic week. However, there are certain things that should never be done on an impulse, such as elective medical procedures. This is also true for cosmetic surgery; even though it is meant to be a cosmetic enhancement, it is still a surgery and should be treated as such. This means that an individual who is considering a step in that direction should be mindful of the procedure that is about to occur. 

One of the most common types of cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States is San Diego breast augmentation, which allows female patients to add volume and shape to their breasts. Because of its popularity, many San Diego plastic surgeon offices offer it as an option. 

However, to be sure that the surgeon will offer the best care possible for the patient, it’s important that the surgeon have board certification in plastic surgery. In addition, having a surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation means that he or she will make sure that the procedure is done to the highest quality possible. 

A highly qualified surgeon will communicate with the patient during the consultation about her lifestyle, her body type and her goals for the procedure. This will give the surgeon a chance to insure that the patient’s goals are both realistic and right for her body. There is a special balance that must take place when performing breast augmentation. The surgeon wants to make sure that the patient feels she has enough volume, but at the same time, the augmentation should not be so dramatic that there is a concern of breast tissue atrophy, or loss of sensation. 

In addition, an active woman may need to learn what is sensible for her body. She will still benefit from a breast augmentation, but it might not be overly large, so as to allow her to continue with her active or sporty lifestyle. 

Traditionally, women do tend to lean towards more modestly sized implants for their breast augmentations and a size that is proportionate with their figure. By all means do avoid larger implants that could potentially cause potential back, neck and shoulder discomfort. 

Some women who opted for considerably larger implants have decided to downsize for a variety of reasons. Do speak about all these important considerations during a consultation. 

Once the decision about implant size has been discussed, the actual procedure can be focused on and planned for. This surgery is fairly quick, but the recovery process requires patience in terms of modified exercise and activities for a period of time. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that patients are aware of their healing and recovery schedules.  

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