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Pick The Best cosmetic Surgeon in San Diego

Learn How Plastic Surgery Consultations Can Help You Meet Your Health Goals

March 6 2017 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #Breast reduction, #breast implants, #Breast reduction San Diego, #Breast lift

There are many individuals who thrive when they have clear goals with motivational aids to help support them along the way. This can be true in all aspects of life but especially with one’s health and appearance. For instance, there are some individuals who may want to speak with a plastic surgeon after they have reached their weight loss goal to address any residual fat deposits or slack abdominal skin that cannot be exercised and dieted away.

A common question is when is the right time to schedule a plastic surgery consultation? Many are surprised to learn that they can book a consultation a few months ahead of time before they have even reached their goal weight. And the reasons as to why this is so vary. 

For example, a plastic surgery consultation to discuss body sculpting options beforehand can serve as a great incentive to help individuals achieve their dream. At their consultation, an individual who is interested in a San Diego tummy tuck or a San Diego liposuction or breast augmentation San Diego may learn that it is best to have maintained their goal weight for a few months prior to a procedure. This will require the patient to plan ahead, and begin preparing his or her body for that goal.

For those interested in surgical facial rejuvenation, they may be able to schedule their procedure when they are 10 to 15 pounds away from their weight loss goal. Examples of surgical facial rejuvenation may include a San Diego facelift or a lower limited facelift.

Patients should also be made aware that a highly qualified San Diego plastic surgeon will be high in demand, and the surgery date may need to be booked a month or two in advance. Another waiting period may be the consultation which could take a couple weeks or more. During this waiting period, the patient can do the research on the procedure they are interested in and craft a list of questions they would like answered at their consultation. This extra time also affords the patient to do their due diligence on the plastic surgeon of their choice as well as reviewing the “before-and-after” patient gallery on their website.   

Of course, weight loss isn’t the only activity that can benefit from goal setting with plastic surgery. For those who smoke traditional cigarettes or use nicotine e-liquid when vaping, they will discover the requirement to stop smoking both a few weeks before and after their procedure. The reason for this cessation is that nicotine can impede the healing and recovery process. A number of patients have also noted that following this cessation they did not return to smoking.

While achieving the goal of weight loss or a flawless face is truly a milestone to celebrate, some choose to incorporate a plastic surgery procedure such as Botox San Diego to enhance it. 

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