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Reasons to Have A Breast Reduction in San Diego

July 28 2017 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #Breast reduction, #plastic surgeon, #Beauty

When ‘ample breasts’ are lauded as assets and most women wish their breasts were larger it may seem unusual for someone to want a reduction. But anyone with very large breasts knows that they can be uncomfortable and sometimes cause neck and back pain.  Oversize breasts can alter a person’s posture and can also restrict movement. It’s noticeably more difficult to do certain athletic and sporting activities and it can also be a task finding clothing that fits and is complimentary. Sometimes reducing breast size creates the perception of a slimmer body and makes women feel more mobile and agile.

Bigger breasts tend to sag more easily and are taxing on the shoulders. Holding up bigger breasts can cause bra straps to dig into the shoulders. If you feel like you would be more comfortable and happier with a reduced breast size, you aren’t alone. Breast reduction in San Diego is very common even though the reason behind each individual decision may differ slightly. Long distance runners definitely benefit from having a smaller bust line. In surgery you may hear the words reduction mammoplasty which is a term that refers to breast reduction. The surgery involves removing fat and glandular tissue. Before undergoing the procedure, doctors will do a pre-screening to make sure the candidate is healthy and able to go through the procedure safely.

There may be some preparation required, for instance, it is not suitable for people who smoke. Stopping smoking permanently or at least for a time is essential. If you opt for breast reduction in San Diego you will have ample time to consult with your doctor about your desired outcome. Choose a Doctor that has a thorough consultative process before surgery so that you are absolutely clear about the type of reduction you want. It’s possible to see your new proposed shape on a computer screen. Highly sophisticated methods and screenings are able to show your current shape and the difference in your new shape so you have total reassurance of the surgery involved.

Depending on how much reduction is required, the incision may vary. Sometimes the nipple is repositioned and if required the areola is resized. In consultation your doctor will help you decide on the proportions that will suit your particular body type. Another important aspect is the aftercare. Scheduling recovery time is key.  Some women can even opt for Mommy Makeover in San Diego as this treatment combines procedures that would provide you with aesthetically pleasing breasts. Your body will need time to heal itself and adjust to the surgery. This can be an emotional time and it’s a good idea to be prepared for some emotional turbulence. Having said that, many women feel extremely joyous and happy with having a new body and the freedom it gives them.

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