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Pick The Best cosmetic Surgeon in San Diego

Breast Augmentation in San Diego- Get Your Attractive Look Now

September 14 2017 , Written by Dr. Glynn Bolitho Published on #Breast reduction, #breast implants, #plastic surgeon, #Breast lift, #Best plastic surgeon

Breasts are representative of so much. They’re a symbol of nurture, they have erotic connotations, they’re the embodiment of the feminine and they’re key to sustenance for new life. When you look at the regard, the passion and the appeal of breasts it’s no wonder that breast augmentation in San Diego is so popular. Many a poet has waxed lyrical on the divinity of the breast: In a poem called All Praise the Breast, Gawaine Caldwater Ross says,


“When an infant is hungry, frightened or injured his mother places him upon her breasts, comfortable….From the very beginning the breast is a major source of comfort, which we forget during childhood but discover again after puberty. Breasts are satisfying, no matter their shape or size, they are full of promise, for future generations depend on these. Beyond all eroticism the breast is good and comforting.  When a man holds his sweetheart’s breast while drifting off to sleep, the woman cannot imagine the comfort he derives from simply holding her breast. This itself is enough to make a bad day good, no alcohol required. They are beautiful on all levels, to the senses, heart and mind. How wonderful it is that women exist!


All women have a nurturing instinct and with the breast being representative of nurture it makes sense that women feel more abundant with fuller breasts. There is a deep psychological component to feeling ‘feminine’ in all aspects. Many candidates who have had breast augmentation in San Diego feel a hundred times more womanly, more confident and satisfied. On this level it goes much further than simple aesthetics, it satisfies a woman’s need to give. Breast lifts in San Diego form part of this offering – ultimately breasts are so important as a feminine principle. “We are so privileged that we are able to offer women the opportunity to celebrate this feminine principle and that we can restore confidence in women,” says a leading plastic surgeon. There was a woman who had cancer and had a mastectomy.


She came to the surgery with one of her four children who said, we have all celebrated these breasts as we have all been breast fed, that’s possibly why Mum’s masectomy has affected all of us so deeply. The children wanted to support their mother in getting restorative surgery. That’s another marker to show how symbolic breasts are and as an anthropologist once said, ‘the breast is a universal principle of sustenance’. To this end, there need not be any stigma attached to women wanting to increase the size of their bustline.

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